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Top Of The Line Image Compression And Conversion
Right In Your Browser

Compress or Convert PNG, JPEG, JPG, WebP, SVG, GIF, TIFF, AVIF, HEIF

Convert to the most optimal image format for your use case

Preview the size and quality of different image formats before picking one

WebP is recommended as it generally provides the smallest files while still retaining good quality and being well supported

Compress images using your browser or use the power of our servers

In-browser compression is fastest and for most use cases it's more than good enough
if you're using Google Chrome or one of the Chromium-based browsers like Edge or Opera

For best results you can upload your images and unlock support for more image formats


Images larger than 4 MB will be limited to in-browser compression

Later on, a downloadable version of this tool might be made available to avoid this limitation

Privacy Policy

Uploaded images are only stored on our servers for as long as it takes to compress them and they are never shared with third parties

After compression all images are only stored in your browser and they are deleted if you close this page


Many other tools that you might find online tend to require you to upload your images, which they then store for an extended period of time after you've left the page.

This project aims to maximize user data privacy by offering you options that don't require uploading your images

And when you do upload images, they are not stored for longer than it takes to compress them


This tool is developed and maintained by Zoran Ravic